Monday, November 20, 2006

another stupid commercial

...I dont this want to be overkill, but i thought of one more commercial that doesnt piss me off because of its content, rather because of the people in the commercial: There is a Visa commercial on TV currently, that shows armies of scissors marching through American city streets Nazi style (i say this because they are goose stepping, not because i am promoting nazi-ism or that it is in any way, shape or form "cool", but their scissors and they have stiff legs, its not really their fault). so they storm the streets and for some reason everyone is lined up to see this, although it doesnt seem that much of a suprise because if i heard that scissors were marching down the street i would either run outside to see if it was true or stop doing drugs because my brain had obviously given up on reality. these people proceed to toss their credit cards at the scissors and these metallic Gestappo have a frenzy feast of the cards, eating them up as fast as mark foley would a adolecent page. nothing wrong...until you reaize that everyone is cheering and hugging! people always accept happy as normal so this really doesnt seem odd...until you add up the facts:normally inadimate metallic cutting devices brought to life + feedy frenzy + cheering crowd = normal. this adds up because its televison and there is suspension of disbelief, but for the love of christ people open your eyes! if that happened in real life those fucking scissors wouldnt be eating up credit cards, they would be cutting apart the human race city by city! there would be no cheering, there would be mass chaos and bloodshed....and it would be our fault for creating scissors. even if they DID eat our credit cards, the cards would run out and they would turn to the next available object to dissect...US...maybe we could keep their hunger at bay for awhile by tapping into the nationl reserve of construction paper, but even that would run out. And this is why these neo ads are aweful...because they pose hypotheticals that, quite frankly, scare the living shit out of me...shame on you American advertising...shaaaaaaaaaaame....

jesus i need to lay off the drugs....


Blogger SoSheScreams said...

Writing again...nice work

8:33 AM  
Blogger SoSheScreams said...

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8:33 AM  
Blogger Liz said...

Ok, the goose-stepping scissors are a little disconcerting, the king is flat out creepy, but there is one commercial that leaves me with flat-out, full-on HEEBIE JEEBIES! The playstation 3 commercial with the little plastic baby... just don't even get me started.

1:47 AM  
Blogger Nick Van Dyke said...

What about the good commercials out there? What about the LeBrons or the the absolutely hilarious cavemen commercials for Geico? Talk to me about the quality commercials out there. Yes, they're few and far between, but maybe they're worth it. Hold on. Maybe they're not. Maybe I think the good ones are so much better because the bad ones are so so so bad. I don't know. You tell me.

12:45 PM  

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