Thursday, February 01, 2007

Thus it begins

I dont care who you are, and you can deny it up and down, but everyone loves the song 'walking on sunshine'. period. but most aren't willing to admit this to anyone they know, because well, somewhere in history someone decided that because 'walking on sunshine' was such song that it somehow was able to tap into everyones natural 'gayness' if only for three minutes. and this scares alot of people. because everyone knows but no one ever says: Yeah when that song comes on and im in my car alone i turn that fucking song up and sing and dance and practically annouce my joy out loud to everyone in the world' no one says that because everyone does it! but at the same time if another car pulls up to you that song gets turned down faster than girls from statten island. oooooh snap statten island you just got burned...because your girls are dirty, or so ive heard, i really dont a matter of sorry statten island ladies (nasty hoes). why this walking on sunshine phenomenon fascinates me is because i was listening to this particular song today right before our first load in. which by the way honestly is like monkeys fucking a football, hilarious until you realize its your football. JP and i wrecked shop as usual, but the load in while interesting isnt the most brilliant part of tour. its my bus. i have always dreamed of being a rock star and anyone who has ever put a microphone within 3 ft of me knows this. So for the next few months i get to pretend i am a rock star and not a this is basically the start of my life on the road. the steps kerouac and cassidy walked are becoming my ownl. finding the souls that have travelled these paths before me and leaving my own mark and story behind for someone else to be in search of one day. ive realized that my line of work has its pitfalls and difficulties, but living on a bus that resembles a hotel room and staying in hotel rooms that resemble hyperreal homes is something that most will never experience.
Night falls and i sit in my hyperreality wondering where my friends are and what they are doing. imagining that how im picturing and in what context i am placing them is probably very close to reality. That makes me smile. because i know they are safe and they will be right there when i come home. I cant wait to see what lies ahead because i know its going to make a very surreal story.


Blogger Lizzle said...

Your friends miss you... And some of us are not where we ought to be.

12:08 PM  
Blogger Ham Pants said...

I am at work right now, hyserically laughing over my keyboard at your comments about "walkin' on sunshine". That is the exact same way I feel about it and precisely the reason I put it on that cd. So glad it made you smile.

10:39 AM  

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