Thursday, February 08, 2007

who are you

I was looking at a picture of myself recently and had the sudden awful realization of my own mortality. i try to put the number 23 to this face and these eyes that should seem so familiar, but keep coming up as some sort of mystery. i pose to everyone that they look at a picture of themselves and then place themselves into a memory from around when that picture was taken. really exaamine your actions, the things you said, the looks you gave, the drink you drank, the smoke you smoked...everything. it will become absurd, its as though trying to look at yourself as an actual person that interacts with other people and has memories and feelings become completely insane. you may not believe this, but put yourself back in a memory you enjoy and as the initial feeling waves over you, there will be a sense of unfamiliarity, its as though that person who did that is merely an afterthought now. and it only is further complicated when you place conciousness into another person, we are instinctualy led to believe we are the center of the universe, in so many words, we feel everything as it occurs and we only feel what happens to us. no one else. so when you suddenly try to get behind the thoughts of a person you are engaging in a particular situation it will level you...or attempt to put yourself into the conciousness of a person you fought with, or broke up with. everything becomes confusing and complete...lets just all live on the ceilings and smile. its the only way to survive.


Blogger emile26 said...

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Blogger Lizzle said...

If we're living on the ceilings and smiling, (apart from any lionel richie jokes which would surely come up if you decided to throw a party) if we were frowning, we would be upside down, so to those who elected not to join us on the ceiling it would look like a smile... all very confusing

10:59 AM  

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