Thursday, June 29, 2006

fucking booze....keeping me awake while the rest of the drunks sleep and dream of being unremarkable. i sit...wake...stumble...feel for a cigarette and then think- drunk and unhappy or just unhappy with a percentage of drunk within me. i'll figure it out...scott you must write to me as phones do neither for both of us. prose is needed. i need a poem or a story something to get my fix, im jonsing and smaking for that hit...dont deny it to me....come rape my cortex. someone rape my mind.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

gene hackman

On the eve of the latest installment ( and much anticipated) of the Superman franchise, I being the Superman-iac that I am...and yes i just fucking said Superman-iac..and yes its fucking lame...but those are the cards i was dealt and yes ive seen a hilary duff movie so FUCK YOU...jesus, im so sorry- that was just my midday breakdown. but the truth of the mater is that i am watching Superman The Movie - and yes...its a beloved classic because its old- and it has its uplifting moments and general superman mythos that everyone loves to see - and everyone realizes that yes it is campy and that christopher reeves became the iconic mold of how superman was supposed to be - and margot kidder as lois lane is frightening, because A) she looks old and B) picturing her completely freaking out and going on a drug binge ultimately winding up in some fucking families back yard in a california suburb missing her front teeth-makes me me really happy because someone in the public eye losing their mind and going batshit crazy cracks me up--but not even those things make it a "bad" movie...but it is disturbing and i'll tell you why: after the "superman saving the day" montage in STM (Superman The Movie) the final clip is of good ol' supes saving a little girls kitten out of a tree (for real not the new perverted meaning of "saving a little girls kitten out of a tree" that me and my friends use) and after he saves Frisky (The Cat) and proceeds to fly away, the young girl goes inside yelling to her mother what just happened and how a man flew in and saved frisky out of the tree, as any excited youngster who just saw a man FUCKING FLY would be-the best part is this - after the girl says all of this - best part - proceeds to say "what did i tell you about lying!?" - no big deal right? - wrong - because IMMEDIATELY after saying this you hear the sound of a hand SLAPPING a face!!! HOLY FUCKING SHIT - the mom HIT her little kid in the FACE for being, of all things, A LITTLE FUCKING KID!! - that or the little pigtailed girl wasn't about to take any sass off her cranky old bitch of a mom - but thats a little less likely, still funny though - so im assuming that richard donner had severe mommy issues while filming this movie - and probably did alot of Acid- im done now

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

all fire and no couch

Soccer players - sorry futbol players - are quite possibly the biggest queens in professional sports. this statement doesn't come from malice towards the game of soccer or any toby keith 'america is a giant lump of ass-whoopin' country song, but rather the fact that while being significantly intoxicated and twisted on various uppers - i noticed how any time these spiked (usually spanish speaking) athletes touch one another they both fall over in a fit, like they were epileptics in a strobelight factory. this however isnt the most entertaining part, its the fact that they get away with this brokeback-esque hissy fit and usually to the effect of the other team getting a card of some form. i think this is just the ignorance in me, but understanding the game of soccer (as i was formerlly a soccer player)...(well when i was twelve)- makes me realize that when i did play this game that i remember fewer penalties than i see in professional soccer (aside from kevin brandstetter in 5th grade slide tackling two players, getting removed from the game, proceeding to tell the ref to fuck off before slidtackling him, slide tackling three of his own players including me, then being banned from the Catholic Youth Council soccer leagues....he would later be removed from baseball for brandishing a helmet as a weapon after his mother announced that he should hit the ball because he no longer 'had diahrehea' - mother bring out the worst in kids). that aside i love the world cup and the fetivities that surround it - but for the love of fucking god - please just get up and kick a camera man instead of throwing a barbara striesand bitch fit...

Monday, June 19, 2006

its been way too long

In late 2001 david lynch made Mulholland Drive. His last major motion picture to date. in early 2002 the american occupation of Iraq began and a few months later victory was declared. here we are four years since David Lynch's last film and still america occupies Iraq. This may be a longwinded seemingly "unpatriotic" statement, but it just seems that when lynch's creative pool ceased to produce that this country lost all sense of direction. the madness was no longer contained, lynch's mind had exploded on the canvas of the world and the twisted nightmares within spilled out and burned the eyes of a collective. we no longer drank in moderation, now it was shots and beers to the much weed as we could fill our heads with and destruction on a mass scale. The summer makes the blood too thick, completely hostile and unforgiving even in this windy the chicano riots of '71. ugly and brutish...all pipes and mace. the other half completely literary and theory-based. we have a connundrum, "when the going gets weird, the weird turn pro", Hunter knew how to handle these things- and once again the high water mark of a generation can be seen from the peaks of hills - we see where we were going and how the wave finally broke and destroyed hopes alientated black and white and arab. The weird simply poured from lynch and drowned the world in chaos - the only way the world survives is if lynch scoops his dark thoughts back into that goddamn surreal skull of his and pulls us war is won by the twisted and half mad.